Wild Roses


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I’ve started a new fabric collection based around those wonderful old fashioned wild roses. I used to have a fence filled with hundreds of those pretty white blooms.
I started scribbling these wild thorny branches and remembered how small birds used to hide in mine. I thought it would be fun to have tiny bird’s nests hanging from pretty ribbons here and there.
I am drawing the elements in Adobe Illustrator as vector art so I can rearrange things. I haven’t got the branches quite right yet or any birds nests done but it’s a start. That background color will change. I will probably change all the colors.

Fabric Patterns


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I’ve been sewing since I was a child and I always wanted to design fabrics so I have finally started filling my portfolio at Spoonflower with many patterns from my vector illustrations. Here’s one of my recent designs that I’m particular happy with. Inspired by the Year Of The Snake.